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Sarlat and The Dordogne are renowned the world over. An area of exceptional historic value that has been inhabited by man for over 400,000 years; Our holiday home will provide you with the perfect opportunity to soak up the amazing culture and history of this beautiful town and seek adventure in the surrounding area.

Sarlat and its surrounds boasts fantastic cycling routes and inspiring walks but if walking and biking are not your style of travel, why not take a trip over the Dordogne in a hot air balloon? Or float down the river on a canoe or tour boat? There are many fantastic riverside cafes, village restaurants and urban eateries to keep you refreshed whatever form of 'getting around' you choose.

We have been here for 3 years ourselves, so please allow us to give you a snapshot of just a few of our favourite places to go...



You will fall in love with Sarlat, of that we can promise.Around every corner, through every street and alley way, you will find something architecturally magnificent to marvel at.

The cobbled streets will guide you around  the many boutique shops, galleries, bars, cafes and restaurants and they are all within an easy walk of La Maison Breuil - Perfect!

The famous market is on Wednesday's and Saturday's and we thoroughly recommend walking down to one of the cafe's serving breakfast to watch them all set up.

If you really want to get stuck in to Sarlat life and its history, why not book a guided tour of the town through the Tourist Office located conveniently in the centre.



We absolutely love a trip to a local garden.

One of our dear favourites is Les Jardins d'Eyrignac:

We love making a visit to these gardens at any point in the year but you cannot beat it when the warmer weather arrives, it is totally stunning. Whether it is just the two of us, or with our young children in tow, it has everything you need to while away a few gorgeous hours. The restaurant on site is very good indeed and the gardens offers your children an age-specific quiz to take with them on the tour, followed by a small gift at the end.

We love this place so much that we have partnered up with them in order to get you into the gardens for a discounted price!


Of all of the Wars, it is the Hundred Years War that made its mark the most upon this region. There are many castles close by that played a huge part in this lengthy and poignant part of history and we absolutely recommend that you take the time to visit at least one of them. 

Our children love to go to Château de Castlenaud as there is a great ice cream parlour just down the hill, in the village itself. Plus this castle is situated just in front of the river so on really hot days, it is a particular favourite of ours as not only can you cool off for a couple of hours in the castle, afterwards you can head down to cool off in the river too.


In our opinion, there is nothing better than jumping into our lovely private pool to cool off from the searing sun. However, there are also a couple of spots we like to go to, to join in the camaraderie of the river or the lake.

Just by Saint Julien de Lampon is a fantastic river beach, ideal for paddling your feet or building stone forts! It is sandwiched between two campsites if you wanted to get a snack or something to drink and in the village itself is a fantastic bar/restaurant called The Saint Jus, well worthy of a visit.

In the village of Groléjac, 15 minutes from Sarlat, is a huge sandy beach-lake ideal for swimming and building sand castles. There is a small playground with a space for football and basketball and in the summer holidays, a wooden hut selling refreshments is open. The lake itself is stunning and is surrounded by wooden apparatus to be used as an outdoor gym.

We offer many more personal recommendations and lots of 'things to do' in our house file, should you wish to book.....

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